Gustavo entered in 1997 in the  tango scene, and became one of the most in demand tango pianist in the US, performing, touring and as Musical Director of  International Tango shows such as: Tango Connection, Painting Tango, Tango Casenave, Fontango, Eternal Tango Orchestra, Tango Fire, Tango Buenos Aires, Avantango, Forever Tango, Tanguardia, New York Tango Trio, New York Buenos Aires Connection, etc)

In 2007, created Painting Tango, together with Vicky Barranguet.  www.paintingtango.com

He co - wrote and recorded the Tango : "Volvere" with celebrity actor Dobert Duvall, and did a special arrangement for the Quintango ensemble, to perform  this tango at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Performed as a Tango Musician in such countries as: USA, Canada, Korea, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Japan, Germany, Austria, Domenican Republic and Puerto Rico.




New York - Buenos Aires Connection

New York - Buenos Aires Connection - Lincoln Center  1999
Raul Jaurena, Pablo Aslan, Leonardo Suarez Paz, Pancho Navarro, Gustavo Casenave

"New York - Buenos Aires Connection"
Lincoln Center  (New York City)  october 2000