Barranguet & Casenave 's PAINTING TANGO
A constant conversation between painting, music and dancing.
Declared " of cultural and national interest"
by the Uruguayan Government
(Exp. 2007 - 11 - 0001 - 2587  Montevideo, Uruguay)

In 2005, Pintando Musica (Painting Music) show, premiered in Montevideo - Uruguay with big
success. The concept was born, combining Vicky Barranguet's daring paintings with Gustavo
Casenave's music. A live painting show in simultaneous with a piano solo concert. On the
following years, theshow evolved, adding musicians to perform Casenave's music, and
finally the Painting Tango show appeared, featuring Vicky Barranguet, Tango Casenave
ensemble and guest dancers. The cast included such musicians as: Nicolas Danielson, Hector
del Curto, Federico Britos, Rob Blumenthal, Pannagioti Andreu, Pedro Giraudo, Franco Pinna,
Angel Garcia Clemente, Valeria Solomonoff, and Vicky Barranguet together with Gustavo
Casenave,as the creators and directors of the project.

The idea of Painting Tango, is to present a moment of inspiration, featuring
Barranguet's sensibility and action on the canvas interacting with Casenave's
original Tangos, performed by top leading world - class musicians and dancers.

Uruguayan painter Vicky Barranguet, studied with Larry Poons, William Scharf an
Frank O'Cain at "The Art Students League" in New York, and with Clever Lara in
Montevideo . She was part of a group show for the winners of the " Merit Scholarship
rom the Art Students League", at "Cork Gallery" in Lincoln Center. Her artwork has travel the
world through exhibitions, galleries, shows etc, including cities and countries like China,
Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Austria, USA, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Uruguay
You can find Barranguet's paintings at: Jonathan Shorr Gallery (Soho), Somniac Gallery
(Harlem), Art Home Gallery (Astoria), Casa Vizcaya (Long Island City), Trench Gallery
(Punta del Este Uruguay), Galería Acatrás (Montevideo, Uruguay) and Galería Los Caracoles
(José Ignacio, Uruguay).


Internationally reknown pianist and composer Gustavo Casenave from Uruguay,
Musical Director and pianist of "Tango Casenave" show, Musical Director and pianist
of Mariela Franganillo's "Tango Connection" show, Musical Director and pianist of
Roxana Fontan's " Fontango" show, Bette Midler's Musical Director for two years,
tango arranger for Robert Duvall, cast member of "Forever Tango" Broadway
Show and Eternal Tango Orchestra, has worked and toured extensibly
throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America,
with his different ensembles, performing at the most distinguished venues and
concert halls. Internationally awarded as a film composer, Jazz and Tango
pianist, Casenave plays a critical role in the future development of
Tango music, by constantly composing and presenting new Tango material.


PAINTING TANGO has the official support from the General Consulate of Uruguay in New York